May 12th, 2006

leverage team carnival

I shall miss these things when it all rolls by

I just watched the cast of The West Wing on yesterday's Ellen and it was wonderful. I don't care that NBC cancelled the retrospective because I doubt anything they would have done would be as lovely as that episode of Ellen. It was so nice to see the cast all together like that, laughing and having fun. And I loved the way they structured it, starting off with the remaining core four and then adding Janel and Dule, and then other late-comers. I also thought the clips were very well-chosen. And I totally sobbed when they brought out the flowers and mentioned John Spencer's roses. *sniffle*

Watching the clips, I realized that I didn't just love watching the show, I loved the shared experience of watching the show with a terrific group of smart, funny, amazing, wonderful people. I loved the way we'd quote lines back and forth to each other, the way we could relate almost everything that happened in our real lives to something that happened on the show, the spirited political discussions that we used to engage in. I loved the Great Olive War, the Redbird/Susannah campaign staff, the Fishboy Dance, the Horsepersons of the Anti-Yearning Apocalypse (with their coconuts!), the Harem Globetrotters, and the Pop-Tarts. I love that every Thanksgiving many of us name our turkeys either Eric or Troy (Troy doesn't like to be touched). I love that I still have my "Crackpots" tape, the one that went around to everyone and was copied and re-copied so many times during that first summer that you can't even hear the audio (oh, but you can see Josh's biceps, you betcha).

I know we did some of this a couple years ago when Testy's board closed, but in honor of the passing of this wonderful show that has given me so many dear friends over the years, I thought I'd dig up some of the stuff I saved from the old MB and post it here between now and Sunday. I know I've still got the Winger's Dictionary and some excerpts from the Gail thread, and a few assorted quotes. I don't have the campaign staff list, though, and if any of you old-schoolers still have that I'd love to see it.
leverage team carnival

Why don't we just prostitute ourselves and donate that money to charity?

I watched last night's finale of The Office today. Um, OMGSQUEE! You know, I always enjoyed the show before, but I'm afraid I may be hooked now. austin360, I think we need to add another show to the crack to-do list.

For the two-and-a-half of you on my flist who actually watch this show, here's a sweet ficlet:

"Time Flies Tomorrow" by passionflows

Don't read unless you've seen the finale, though, or you'll be spoiled.

Must... find... The Office (U.S.)... icons...