May 21st, 2006

leverage team carnival

Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!

Don't you hate it when LJ logs you out and you don't realize it and you go like a day and a half only reading the unlocked posts on your flist? Stupid LJ.

Last night we took the munchkin to see The Marriage of Figaro at Hermann Park. It was a lovely night and we had a nice picnic on the hill before the show with a couple of her friends from school and their mom. The girls weren't overly excited by the actual opera, though, not that I expected them to be. But they made it through the end of the second act, which was more than I expected. I was relieved to leave, though, because it's actually kind of annoying listening to your name sung over and over operatically. Afterwards we brought the girls back here for a sleepover and, oh my god, ya'll, the shrieking and the giggling. I knew there was a reason I stopped at one kid. But the munchkin had fun, so it's all good, I guess. Only I am TIRED today and I have a knitting date this afternoon.

Wonderful happy birthday wishes to kelbelle and chrisleeoctaves!
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