June 1st, 2006

leverage team carnival

Oh my stars and garters

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend here. Lots of sloth topped off by a barbeque on Monday evening. Despite the generally rainy state of the day, the weather cleared up just in time for our guests to arrive, which was thoughtful of it. We had a pretty traditional American menu--hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, grilled chicken, potato salad, lots of beer and three kinds of brownies. Whee!

In less pleasant news, remember that back pain I was having? Yeah, well it decided to start getting worse again last week. So yesterday I went to an orthopedic sports medicine clinic to find out what the hell was up. The x-rays showed nothing serious, just an inflammation of the muscles around the vertebrae (pretty much exactly what was going on with my neck two years ago), which, according to the doc, can sometimes take months to resolve itself. Gee, thanks. The good news is I'm starting physical therapy next week so I'll finally have some real guidance on how to stretch and strengthen the problematic area without re-injuring myself. Yay!

In addition to dragging myself to the doctor yesterday, we got the munchkin a guinea pig (named Lucy) and Mr. Sus and I finally got to see X3! Collapse )
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