June 24th, 2006

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So I didn't go to my pedicure appointment on Thursday. Instead, I spent 10 hours in the emergency room with my dad.

He'd been having abdominal pain for a few weeks, but refused to let me take him to the doctor because he hates doctors and he'd rather sit around worrying and suffering and reading about all the horrible things it could be on the internet. But finally the pain got so bad that he called me Thursday and agreed to let me take him to the emergency room.

After hours of waiting around they finally did some tests, which all came out fine. Which is good because they ruled out a lot of the really scary things it could be. They didn't find out what was actually causing the pain, though. One of the doctors noticed a bruise on his stomach and said it's possible he had a hematoma deep in the muscle that was causing it. I dunno, but they sent him home with some painkillers and a referral to an internist to follow up with more testing.

So anyway, my dad's feeling a little better and I'm taking him to this new doctor next week, which is a very good thing because he hasn't been under the care of doctor for years.

It was a seriously exhausting day, but despite that, I dragged my ass to yoga on Friday morning. Go me!
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