August 29th, 2006

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Yeah, so I didn't so much get my Emmy picks posted before the show, did I? I tried. Honestly I did. Only, I found that I just couldn't bring myself to care. Most of the nominees are so blindingly mediocre that I seriously did not give a crap who won. And I'm so used to the Emmys being completely out of touch with my tastes that I never expect any of the nominees I actually like to win.

In fact, I didn't even watch the show on Sunday night. I Tivoed through it in fits and starts over the course of the day yesterday. Conan was funny. Greg Garcia's speech rocked. Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are love. Otherwise, meh.

Anyway, instead of trying make predictions about nominees that put me to sleep, I decided create a Television Academy of One. That's right, what follows is a list of what the nominations would look like if it was all up to me.

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