December 1st, 2006

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I am, at this very moment, eating THE BEST pumpkin spice muffin I've EVER had. Ever. And it came, not from a fancy bakery or a cafe or a coffee shop, but from the grocery store. If any of you have Randall's in your area, run out and get yourself a muffin--now.

So, is it me, or is Studio 60 starting to (finally) hit its stride? I watched "The Option Period" with mikijean last week and we both found it surprisingly enjoyable. And I thought "B-12" was even better this week. Please, please let this be a trend. The characters are likable, the cast has good chemistry, and Aaron's a fantastic writer, so there's no reason this show shouldn't be great.

mikijean and I did a lot of knitting and a lot of television watching and a lot of talking about both, and we decided that we need to start up a consulting business "fixing" television shows. Because that's essentially what the two of us do when we get together anyway, and wouldn't it be cool if we could get paid for it and people would actually listen to our advice, and then we wouldn't have to watch so much disappointing television?

So, herewith, is a list of Collapse )

Shonda Rhimes, Rob Thomas, Hart Hanson, Tim Kring, and Ron Moore, feel free to contact me for your own, personally-tailored notes on how you, too, can make your shows totally more awesome.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go bake twelve dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow morning.