April 20th, 2007

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I think I am the only one on my flist who isn't enjoying Drive, and that makes me sad. I love Tim Minear. I love Nathan Fillion. Putting those two together again should result in something I love, right? I mean, especially if you throw in a dollop of Richard Brooks, a dash of Amy Acker and a sprinkling of Katie Finneran.

Apparently not, because I'm finding the show to be tedious, predictable, mundane and absurd, all rolled into one very unexciting package. Also, every single car chase appears to take place on the exact same stretch of the exact same highway, and it looks about as much like Mars as it does Georgia.

On the other hand, I seem to be having a total Lost renaissance, and I think I am also alone in this. Everyone else I know has stopped watching, which is a shame because I think the show's finally found its stride again.

I've decided to attribute the improvement this season to the addition of Brian K. Vaughan to the writing staff, because not only is he the creator of Runaways, my daughter's most favoritest comic book series ever, but based on this week's episode, the man writes a pretty fine hour of television.

Speaking of Runaways, the munchkin read Joss Whedon's first issue after taking over from Vaughan and she has officially declared it to be exactly as good. Yay, Joss!