January 22nd, 2008

doctor who shhhh

A not-too-unfamiliar world of existential forces, tilted on its side for a better look

Am back safe and sound from Utah, an outcome that was not exactly certain when we left for the airport yesterday, due to the snowstorms that had moved into the area the night before. But after only a couple of hours delay I did finally get home last night. Yay! The wait was made more bearable by a) the company of tlbelle, whose flight was scheduled for a few hours after mine, and b) the presence of David Boreanaz, who was waiting for his delayed flight at the gate right next to mine. Yes, that's right, folks, he was crammed into the crowded terminal with the rest of us plebes. So whenever I started to get bored or frustrated I could just glance over for a discreet eyeful of Boreanaz and everything seemed a little rosier.

We did not, in fact, end up going to see any Sundance movies, per se. There just weren't available tickets for anything that didn't sound soul-crushingly depressing or mind-numbingly bad. To illustrate, the title of this entry is a direct quotation from the Sundance Film Guide. I mean, would you want to sit through a film described that way?

But we did manage to see Juno (amazing), Sweeney Todd (awful), and Atonement (not great). Plus, there was much watching of British television, including Andrew Davies' Sense & Sensibility (excellent, even if it still can't touch Emma Thompson's), Northanger Abbey (not bad), Mansfield Park (okay), and Russell T Davies' Cassanova (starring David Tennant and a bunch of DW guest stars), which was brilliant because it was basically just Doctor Who with lots and lots of shagging.

Other highlights of the weekend include knitting, a trip to the beautiful Salt Lake City library, and not one, but two trips to Sonic. tlbelle, who'd never been to Sonic before, is now officially a convert to the Church of the Cherry Limeade. Overall, mikijean was a fantastic hostess and a great time was had by all.

And now to try and catch up on LJ. Or go back to bed. *yawn*
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