September 6th, 2012

leverage team carnival

Leverage Fic: The Pig in a Poke Job

SUMMARY: The mysterious bundle writhed and wriggled in a distinctly unsettling manner, emitting a series of unidentifiable, but clearly inhuman noises.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Written for leverageland's Pros & Cons Challenge. For another part of the challenge, everyone was asked to pick one of the fics and made a movie-style poster for it. With kind permission of the artists, I've included the posters that were made for this fic at the end.

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leverage eliot experimental job

Leverage Fanvid: Demons (Eliot Spencer)

As promised, here's the Eliot vid I've been working on. I've been trying to teach myself Final Cut, which allows a lot finer control than iMovie, and this is the sample vid I made to practice some of the basic techniques.

The song I used is "Demons" by Imagine Dragons, which is so totally perfect for Eliot it had to be done. (I really kind of want to make a Leverage vid for every single song on the Imagine Dragons EP. If only I had that kind of time. *sigh*)