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The weather has been beyond gorgeous the last two days. Which is great, because for like three weeks before this it was all rain, rain, rain. I never realize how much the weather's getting me down until it turns sunny again and I'm suddenly happy and vigorous and overflowing with energy and motivation. It's crazy.

Gilmore Girls was awesome last night! Well, actually, for about the first twenty minutes I was totally bored and thinking it was a really disappointing episode. But then Luke and Lorelai went on their date! And had that talk in the car! And that cute talk at the kitchen table! And I just about died laughing when Luke pressed the speed dial and set the phone on the counter. And after Emily left he gave Lorelai that arm squeeze! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *dies* Oh, and Logan and Rory were cute, too.

In other news, the lovely em_meredith was generous enough to offer me some space on HealthyInterest, so I've been working on getting some of my old fics ready to be posted there. Some of it is stuff that I posted way back in the dark ages (season one of West Wing, anyone?), and some of it is stuff that's never been posted publicly before. I'm hoping it'll help motivate me to finish some of the many, many fics that have been languishing, incomplete, on my hard drive for years.
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