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Do not suspect that I TiVoed The OC last night just for the new Star Wars trailer. Except that I totally did.

Damn, that baby ROCKED! I can't help it--it looked soooooo awesome, and now I'm all damn excited for the movie, which is totally going to suck. And even though I know full well it's going to suck (because George Lucas is totally batshit fucking crazy and has lost the ability to differentiate between good and bad) I'm looking forward to it which totally blows because in the end I'm just going to end up pissed off and ranting and chewing my hair because it's going to be so totally off-the-charts BAD that it will completely redefine the word bad.

But, boy, does the trailer look cool!

1. Obi Wan is hot! (and manages to look more like Alec Guinness with each successive film)
2. Chewie!!!
3. Aayla Secura! (don't ask why I have such a fetish for an extended universe blue Twi'lek Jedi chick, but I do)
4. Hayden Christensen finally gets his sorry ass chucked into the Cracks of Doom!

1. Listening to Hayden Christensen's painfully wooden delivery of craptacular expositional dialogue for the whole damn movie.
2. Listening to Natalie Portman's painfully wooden delivery of craptacular expositional dialogue for the whole damn movie.
3. The chance that George Lucas is going to do something really awful with Chewie and completely rape a favorite character (because you know he's capable of it)

Okay, I'm out of cons because all I can really concentrate on is the part about Obi Wan being hot.

I'm off in a few hours for sunny California to hang with my girls! And tomorrow night... LOST PANEL AT PALEY!!!! Woot! I'll try to post a report, but since I'm not getting back until Monday night it'll probably have to wait until then.
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