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Oh, I remembered one other slightly cool thing from the Lost panel. Someone asked if they were ever going to do any episodes about what's going on back in the real world with the people the characters left behind. J.J. said they might, and actually they'd at one point tried to do this opening sequence that involved sad shots of overflowing mailboxes and abandoned cars in empty parking lots to suggest the people who'd never come home. It sounded really cool, but he said it was too esoteric and they were afraid people wouldn't get it.

Anyway, here are the pics I managed to take. They're not great, because everyone was crazy and elbowing and shoving and every time I tried to get a shot someone in front of me would move or hold something up right in front of my camera. And I couldn't get all of the cast because not all of them stayed for autographs and some of them were just too hard to get close to what with the mad throng and all. I did get a lot of pictures of Dom because, well, because duh, he's Dom!

Dom and Ian pose for the press beforehand

Matthew Fox

Jorge Garcia

Terrible shot of Josh Holloway

Somewhat better shot of Josh (except for crazy red eyes)

Dominic Monaghan

Dom take II

And take III

And take IV
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