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Thanks to everyone for the hugs and sympathy yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better today. My fever's down, which is a v. good thing, but my throat still hurts like whoa. Sadly, the munchkin's off school today so no wallowing on the couch for me. Yesterday I comforted myself by watching the whole Luke/Lorelai sweeps breakup & makeup arc episodes. I totally fast-forwarded through the first 30 minutes of "Pulp Friction," though, because it's just plain dullsville until Luke puts on that leather jacket. MmmmmmmdateLuke!

Watched NBC's remake of The Office last night. It... didn't suck. It was weird, though, because not only did they use the same script, but it was almost like a shot-for-shot remake. So many of the exact same camera angles, and several of the actors were mimicking the original cast's mannerisms. Steve Carrell, though I love him, is no Ricky Gervais, so his scenes were not all that. Surprisingly, I really like the new Jim/Tim, who manages to capture the same cute nerdiness that I so love about Martin Freeman. Pam/Dawn is pretty good as well, and I love that she doesn't look all glamorous and made up. Not sure about the Dwight/Gareth character, though. Mackenzie Crook's shoes are not easy to fill, but I don't think this guy even comes close to getting it.

The EW review said the show gets better after the pilot because they use fresh scripts which are pretty good so it doesn't feel like they're just trying to imitate the original. I hope so. And I hope they figure out how to write for Steve Carrell's talents, because he could be funny, but he's just not ever gonna be David Brent.

Tuesday's House was okay, but I'm frankly over the Chi McBride character. That whole plot makes it feel way too much like a David E. Kelley show. And I hate (HATE!) the way Cuddy suddenly turns into this spineless jellyfish around Vogler. That's just not who she is--she's way too tough to take that crap. If she can handle House, she ought to be able to put that arrogant prat Vogler in his place without smudging her mascara. I mean, hell, if she's looking for a reason to justify House's budget, how about episode four where he identified and treated the virus that was spreading through the hospital's neo-natal ward? Hello? Bah. Plus, I have a feeling I know exactly where the Vogler plot line is going and it's just too damn predictable.

I don't generally consider casting news a spoiler, but for those of you who do, and don't want to hear anything about Lost, you can stop reading this entry now.

Some potential Lost casting news (via txvoodoo)...

Don't know if it's true or if it will work out even if it is, but Hellmouth Central posted this:

BREAKING NEWS: I've just received some news from a reliable source. It looks like the producers of LOST are interested in bringing EMMA CAULFIELD on the island. Although nothing is set in stone yet, it's something J.J Abrams and the producers are pursuing. Lest we not forget that David Fury is one of those producers.

If it indeed happens, I think it would be great! ::adores Anya:: And I was just complaining recently about the fact that Lost is full of interesting, compelling male characters, but most of the female characters are either downright annoying or just plain eh. I'd love to see Emma Caulfield show up on the island, packing a whole suitcase full o' snark.

ETA: Dude, this mood icon perfectly illustrates how my throat feels!
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