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I am in such a good mood today! I have no idea why, exactly, except that the weather here is gorgeous (we had what was probably our last cold front of the year last night so today it's sunny and breezy and a lovely 71 degrees). I went to the grocery store, so our fridge is full of food, and I'm not sick anymore, which is a wonderful, liberating feeling. I think I may even start doing yoga again today. Sadly, everyone else on my flist seems to be having a pissy day because of April Fools and weather and such, and I'm sorry to hear that.

I have no TV chatter today, because I am totally behind on this week's television. After watching everything on my TiVo (and I mean EVERYTHING) while I was sick, I have little desire at the moment to watch any more. So House, West Wing, Eyes, Project Greenlight, and whatever else I've been recording all week will just have to wait. I have, however, been writing a good bit of fic, and I'm hoping to have some stuff to show ya'll before too long.

Sin City opens today and I'm excited about that. I really want to see it and I suspect it's going to be great and awe-inspiring, but I have a feeling I'm not really going to enjoy it, if that makes any sense. I think the first line of one of the reviews (which I've mostly been avoiding) sort of sums it up: "Sin City is simultaneously the most boldly original comic-book adaptation yet and one of the nastiest films in a long while." I'm not so much into the nasty, so I'm thinking it's not gonna be a barrel of monkeys. I'm only part-way through the first graphic novel, and while it's unique and fascinating, I'm not really loving the story or the genre all that much. And M told me that there's this one part (which involves Elijah Wood's character) that was so shocking and scary it actually made her drop the book. Mr. Sus assures me that all the LOTR fangirls who go to see it for cute little 'Lij are going to come away totally freaking scarred.

So, anyway, we'll see. Don't know when we'll get to see it. Maybe next Friday for my birthday, but I'm not sure it's exactly a fun birthday kinda movie. I may make Mr. Sus take me to Bride & Prejudice again, because I could see that movie a million times and it would still make me all happy and glowy. (And if anyone out there hasn't seen B&P yet, RUN to the nearest theater and buy yourself a ticket, because honey, you are MISSING OUT!)

I guess the thing that's got me most excited, though, is that we finally found a designer to do our living room for us. I'm so psyched about it! We've got a great living room--hardwood floors, lots of picture windows, giant fireplace--and we've never known what to do with it. It's hard because it has to be our TV room and our entertaining room and our lounging room. And with all those windows and that fireplace the TV is a problem and even though the room is huge we're just not using the space well. Plus, we hate our couch. HATE. It's a cool couch, and once upon a time it was insanely comfy. But over the last few years the cushions have broken down so that no matter where you sit you sink into it crookedly and end up feeling all lopsided and trapped. And whenever I lay down on it my feet always end up higher than my ass, which is so not comfortable. The other night I sat down to watch the Venture Bros. with Mr. Sus and when I got up 30 minutes later my back was killing me. I swear, I did nothing to strain it and it didn't hurt at all before I sat on that couch. Stupid couch. Can't wait to replace it.

Anyway, I've never worked with an interior designer before, but after watching home improvement shows for years I'm totally psyched about it. I've never been particularly happy with my own design abilities so it'll be cool to have my very own Thom Filicia or Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to come in and make my space beautiful for me. Only our designer's a chick. A cool-looking chick with black hair streaked with dark red and stylish pointy shoes. The pictures she showed us of other houses she's worked on looked really cool. She's supposed to get a preliminary layout to us next week, but she says she's thinking of something sort of Mexican that incorporates some Asian influences, to go with this cool table we have in there now. Can't wait! Whenever it's finally done I'll post pictures so ya'll can see.

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