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So our dog Ginger died last night. As near as we can tell, she must have eaten something poisonous. Given that she's always been an obsessive eater who eats anything and everything she can find on the ground--I've caught her eating kitty litter, dirt, leaves, and shards of a broken terra cotta pot--I guess it was just a matter of time before she got into something bad.

I always complained about her and how much she annoyed me, but the truth is I was really very fond of that little orc. I miss the way she sneezed when she was excited (which was pretty much always) and the way she snored like steam locomotive. Plus, she was gift from my mom, so that's a whole other bag of sadness of regret. The munchkin was asleep when it happened (thank god) so we told her this morning when she got up. She was really upset, so we let her stay home from school today. She bounced back pretty quickly, though. Kids are lucky like that.


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