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WW FF: Just Another Day at the Office [1/1]

Ya'll, I've got another sore throat. This is so unfair. I hope I start sneezing or something soon, because that would mean it's just a cold, which is much preferable to the prospect of another bout of strep throat. Stupid germs, making me sick again.

Anyway, here's another bit of West Wing fic I unearthed for you guys. It may seem vaguely familiar to those of you from Testy's boards. I posted a version of it there back in the day, which was then lost to a board crash and a hard drive crash. So I tried rewriting it from memory and this is what I came up with. I found it on my old computer a while back and finished it off and did a bit of polishing so it'd be ready for the light of day again. It's just a bit of fluff I wrote from the perspective of a particular one of those people who are always walking quickly through the halls in the background.

Just Another Day at the Office
"Josh's ass was perched mere inches from my hand. If I wanted to, I could reach right out and touch it. Oh, how I wanted to."
SUMMARY: A lowly White House employee with excellent coffee-pouring skills is forced to deal with Josh Lyman (and his dimples) on a daily basis.
NOTES: Post-ep for "Six Meetings before Lunch," and if ever a Mary Sue there was...
Tags: fic, west wing fic

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