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Did I mention there's a monster?

Okay, Lost is totally my new favorite show.

Ellen Degeneres was hysterical this morning because she was gushing about how much she loved Lost last week and how everyone should watch it tonight. She was all, "And then the monster ate him. Did I mention there's a monster? And there's a pregnant woman--in a mini-skirt, because pregnant women always wear mini-skirts, especially when they're gonna be on a plane and carrying luggage and stuff." Heh.

Tonight's episode totally kicked ass. I can't even remember the last time a television show actually surprised me this much. Like when the thing was running at them through the jungle and the guy shot it and then it turned out to be a polar bear? Totally did not see that coming. Because, you know, who expects a polar bear? Whatever, I'm hooked. It's like X-Files back in the good old days when it could still amaze and scare the shit out of me. And then it all turned to crap, as I'm sure this will too.

But I'm so totally watching the rebroadcast Saturday night. Also? Dom is cute even when he's strung out. I'm so proud of our little Hobbit. Who knew he had such a convincing dark side? But is it wrong that I think creepy gun-stealing guy kinda looks like Viggo?
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