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Gilmore Girls, once again, managed to be merely okay. Rory gets toolier and toolier every week. I'm just gonna come right out and say it: she's not good enough for Logan. Yay for his dad for finally saying what's been painfully obvious the entire season. Also? Someone needs to give Daniel Palladino a copy of the previous week's script. Lorelai acting like everything was peachy with her mom after last week's wonderfully tense and painful dinner was just plain unforgivable. I loved all the Kirk stuff, though, except... I have no words for shirtless Kirk. Just... no words. Seriously, ya'll, is he a contortionist or just totally deformed and freaky-looking? *shudder*

Once again, House = love. Loved that sassy, strong Cuddy is back. Loved Wilson lounging while House got ready for the date. And amazingly, I even kinda liked Cameron this week, though I can't quite put my finger on why. Somehow she just came off a little stronger and a little less desperate and pathetic. But still a little desperate and pathetic.

Lost was... not bad. It was a bit twistier than the last few episodes have been, which I appreciated. The flashback bits were all pretty predictable, but it was nice to at least find out what the damn toy plane meant, even if we still don't know what the hell crime Kate is wanted for. Based on the amount of manpower that's apparently been dedicated to hunting her, she better be a damn terrorist. Also? Sean Astin's half-brother is a) better looking and b) a better actor than he is. Poor Sean. It was fun to watch Merry's girlfriend share all those scenes with Sam's brother. And I thought it was nifty how they made us think Kate had poisoned Michael, and then think she hadn't done it, and then we found out she was behind it after all. But Jack continues to annoy me. He doesn't see any reason to tell anyone the truth about who poisoned Michael? How about the fact that everyone's now all paranoid and distrustful and suspicious of each other? 'Cause that kind of mob mentality is not at all bad for island morale. *eyeroll* And Damien Walt? Still scary as all hell. I was not behind this raft foolishness before, but if Walt says you have to go, then you damn well better start strapping on your life jacket, fool.

And finally, here are some Say Anything icons I made over the weekend. Most of them are text-less, because I just couldn't bring myself to mar the pretty with words.

1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

Take if you like, comment if you care to, credit if you use, but don't you dare hotlink or I will STAB YOU!

Caps by ephramyfan, brushes by oxoniensis
Tags: icons

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