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Even-numbered lists are love

I've been sort of out of touch this week, so I thought I'd try to do a quick wrap-up of all the stuff I meant to talk about and didn't.

1. Arrested Development is coming back! Yay!

2. Eyes is not. Boo!

3. My boyfriend Jason Lee has a new show this fall! Yay!

4. It looks really stinky. Boo!

5. Gilmore Girls was good in some ways (Lorelai, Emily & Richard, Mama Kim) and bad in others (Tool!Rory must die). Also, the WB blows and I hate them.

6. House was amazing. But then ya'll knew that.

7. Haven't seen the new Star Wars yet and am avoiding spoilers. Won't see it until Tuesday when Mr. Sus can take off work to go with me. Am fully prepared for suckage. I do not believe anyone who tries to tell me it's good. You're evil, evil people who are trying to get my hopes up so they can once again be dashed and I refuse to fall for that this time. Just because it's better than TPM or AOTC doesn't mean it's actually good.

8. FX is finally showing the end of Buffy season 7. The last time it came around in the rerun rotation they inexplicably started over with "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (WTF is up with that?) about halfway through season 7 so I never got to see the end of the series. Only four more episodes to go and then I'll finally have caught up on all the Buffy and Angel I missed out on when they were actually, you know, on the air and an active fandom.

9. Speaking of Angel, I've been writing like a fiend on my big-ole post-series multi-part fic series, which is currently up to 22,000 words. Yes, I have apparently gone completely batshit fucking crazy. And I keep having more ideas for stories to incorporate further down the line, which I'm writing down and saving for later. So far I've got five separate episode-length stories floating around in my head, two of which are mostly written, but still need lots of revision before they're postable. (And I'm currently taking applications for betas, because most of my usual readers aren't so much into the Angel.)

10. Also speaking of Angel, David Boreanaz has a new show in the fall! Yay!

11. I had other stuff to say I think, but I just had a big stinky fight with my dad on the phone in the middle of writing this and now I can't remember. Boo! Now I'm going to go and write some more fic, because this is why I write fic--to make all the shitty stuff recede into the background.

12. This one is just so I can have an even-numbered list (for the benefit of certain slightly-crazy-but-lovable people who shall remain nameless).

ETA: Oh, yeah... Kelsey Grammer as the Beast in X-Men 3? No. Just... no. *shakes head sadly*

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