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Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson

Actress Anne Bancroft Dies at Age 73

Sadness. And if any of you have not yet seen 84 Charing Cross Road, go put it in your Netflix cue right now.

I've been a very busy little bee the past couple weeks. Mom-in-law has come and gone and finally everything in my mom's house has been officially sorted. Yesterday we got a moving van and a couple of Mr. Sus' friends to help us transport the stuff I wanted and a week from Friday the rest will be going in the estate sale. Whew. Also? Go me. Never mind that I now about ten boxes full of stuff out in the garage that I need to unpack and put away.

We also went to the member's opening weekend party for the Lord of the Rings Exhibition at the Museum of Natural Science last night, and I'll post more about that tomorrow, hopefully. But right now I am going to bed.

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