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Can't sleep, clowns will eat me

Started watching "The Inside" last night on Fox. Because it's a Tim Minear show, and because it's got Adam Baldwin. And, hey, there's the sister from "Wonderfalls"! I'm kind of a sucker for serial killer shows, even though they creep me out.

About ten minutes in, after being grossed out repeatedly, I suddenly said to myself, "Self, why are you watching a scary serial killer show alone at night when Mr. Sus is out of town?" (I tend to talk to myself like that when I'm alone.) So then I turned it off. But I finished the rest of the episode this morning in the light of day. It wasn't too bad. Totally creepy and gross and scary, but pretty good. It's got a nice crime-fighting ensemble vibe going for it. And Adam Baldwin was awesome, basically just Jayne as an FBI agent.

Speaking of Tim Minear and crime-fighting ensembles, anyone wanna beta an Angel fic for me? I'm nearly done revising my first one, but I need another pair of eyes. And I need someone who actually, you know, watches Angel, so austin360, you're off the hook this time. It's a gen/action-adventure/humor kind of story, sort of like an actual episode in tone. Set during season five (so there's Spike!) but no romance, no schmoop, and no slash. Seriously, is it even possible to find an Angel fic community that isn't centered solely on a pairing or slash? Does no one write gen fic for this fandom? *le sigh*

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