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And the hits just keep on coming

Because I am a moron, yesterday when I was trying to clear my browser's cache I accidentally blew away all my stored info. Gah! I hate it when I do that. So many usernames and passwords I can't freaking remember. And then I go and forget that I'm no longer logged in to LiveJournal, so for the last 24 hours I've been wondering why my flist was so quiet and just this morning figured out that I was missing out on all the friends-only entries. *facepalm*

Also? I got a stupid flat tire yesterday. Fortunately, it happened yesterday afternoon while the car was parked in the garage, but I didn't discover it until it was time to pick the munchkin up from camp, so Mr. Sus had to leave work early to go get her. And now I'm stuck at home today waiting for the dealer to call me back and tell me if they've got my tires in stock or if they have to order them. And today was the day I was finally going to go see the Traveling Pants. Bah.

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