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So, I'm trying to re-read Order of the Phoenix in preparation for the release of the next HP book, and it's KILLING me. The first time I read this book, it didn't seem so bad. I mean, I'm not overly impressed with Rowling's writing, but her books are at least generally pretty fun. Last time I read OotP the story managed to keep me interested without feeling like torture. Now? Torture. I've been working on it for a week and I'm not even a 100 pages in yet. I keep telling myself that once the actual school term starts the story will pick up and it'll get better, but the more I read the more I remember what's to come and the more annoyed I get. Maybe I'll go back and re-read Azkaban instead and call it good enough.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I've got a dilemma. Half-Blood Prince is coming out during Comic-con (which I fully expect to generate utter madness, by the way). Do I pre-order my copy so that it's waiting for me when I get home, or do I assume we're going to have a chance to pick up a copy in San Diego? Can I wait until we get back to read it? Or, maybe I could have Amazon deliver the book to the hotel? But do I really wanna lug that thing around with me on vacation? I dunno. I need to find out what M's doing.

And who wants to bet that I won't make it 24 hours post-release before someone at Comic-con spoils me on who the half-blood prince is?

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