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I have been very very bad updating girl the last couple of weeks. But between getting ready for Comic-con (and for my mom-in-law to come here and stay with the munchkin while we're gone), getting my mom's house ready to go on the market *before* we leave for Comic-con, and knitting during my downtime, I haven't spent much time in front of the computer.

They posted the programming schedule for Comic-con last week. Karl Urban, David Boreanaz AND Josh Holloway are all going to be there. In the same building! With me! I may actually spontaneously combust. Mr. Sus has been warned.

There's so much amazing stuff going on I had to make a spreadsheet to keep straight all the stuff I want to do. Some awesome panels conflict with other awesome panels. How can I be expected to choose between "Adult Swim" and MirrorMask, or between "Lost" and Superman Returns??? I haven't totally made up my mind which ones I'm ditching, but I've at least got a narrowed-down chart of the stuff that I want to do, organized by date/time/room number and color-coded by priority. Stop looking at me like that.

In TV news, I find that I'm growing increasingly addicted to "The Closer" on TNT. I'm way tired of cop shows, but Kyra Sedgwick's character is interesting enough to keep me coming back. And I'm happy that ABC finally showed another "Grey's Anatomy" rerun last night. It's official now: I absolutely adore that show (despite the fact that the only thing I'm more sick of than cop shows is medical shows). And I think I've finally caught up on all the episodes I missed back when I was in denial and refusing to give it a try.

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