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More fun than an elevator full of Fetts

Comic-con Report: Friday

Our second day at San Diego Comic-con started out with a ride in the hotel elevator with Boba and Jango Fett. There is something surreal about stepping onto an elevator and hearing Boba Fett's electronically-modulated voice ask, "What floor?"

Mr. Sus with the Fetts

M and I left Mr. Sus to his comic shopping and headed over to Hall H for the big Warner Bros. presentation. First we got a look at the trailer for V for Vendetta and a Q&A with Natalie Portman, Joel Silver, and David Lloyd, who co-wrote the graphic novel with Alan Moore. It was mostly full of lovestruck fanboys asking poor bald Natalie stupid questions (one dumb schmuck asked her about her work in The Mighty Ducks, which of course she wasn't in). After that painful experience we got a 10-minute scene from Corpse Bride--which looks amazing, by the way--introduced by a recorded greeting from Tim Burton, and a brief Q&A with producers Allison Abbate and Mike Johnson.

One small segment of the line to get into Hall H on Friday morning

Then was the shiny new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer put together just for Comic-con (which was so new it still had some unrendered effects and animatics in it). It was preceded by a pre-recorded introduction by Mike Newell from the set. I'd try to describe to ya'll all the cool new stuff that was in it (like Mad-Eye Moody, Harry asking Cho to the dance, etc.), but I'm sure there are more qualified fans on the internets who have already provided better analyses of it than I could. If any of you HP fans have specific questions, ask me and I'll see if I can conjure any better details from memory.

Finally, we got a trailer and a clip from The Fountain, starring Hugh Jackman. It was... weird, but interesting looking. Some kind of time-jumping, sci-fi/romance thing that didn't really make any sense because they don't want to give away too much of the plot. The Q&A with Rachel Weisz and director Darren Aronofsky was pretty interesting, though. There were a lot of dedicated Aronofsky fans who asked decent, thought-provoking questions that gave us a nice break from all the "You're, like, soooo pretty," questions we usually got whenever an attractive celeb was in the room. Oh, and we got a cute taped greeting from Hugh Jackman and... yeah, okay, he was, like, soooo pretty.

Then we went out into the exhibition hall to meet up with D and B, who'd driven up from L.A. for the weekend. We also cruised by the Dark Horse Comics booth and M got Michael Chabon to autograph her copy of Kavalier and Clay for her.

After that she and D headed up to the "Veronica Mars" panel. In case you care and haven't heard yet, Charisma Carpenter was at the panel because she's going to be joining the cast of VM next season. B and I didn't go to that one, though, because we haven't seen all of season one and didn't want to be spoiled. Instead, we decided to wander around the exhibition hall some more. And while we were doing that, who should walk right by us, but Joss Whedon! He was just cruising around, pretty much unnoticed (except for these two crazy chicks who followed him for a couple of aisles *grin*), checking out the con like every other comics lover there.

Just a few of the Star Wars costumes that were wandering around--that's a different Fett than the ones in the elevator (and some random kid who jumped into my frame)

To be continued...

(Next up: "Battlestar Galactica" and "Bones")
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