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Comic-con Report: Friday (Part 2)

After squeeing about our Joss sighting for a few minutes, B and I went to the "Battlestar Galactica" panel. Neither of us has watched the new show, but it was an interesting panel nonetheless. The cast members were fun and articulate and the trailer for season two looked cool. Also, I had not previously realized that there are many, many hot men on that show. I think I may start watching it. The only real scoop I can remember from the panel is that Battlestar Pegasus and Commander Kain are going to make an appearance this season, which means something if you watched the original series. Again, if any of ya'll are BSG fans and want to know specifics, just shoot me a question and I'll do my best.

Then came the event I was most looking forward to that day--the "Bones" panel. B and I elbowed our way through the sea of fangirls to claim some prime seats near the front of the room. They screened the entire pilot for us (yay!) and then David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel came out for a Q&A.

DB was looking exceptionally hot, even for him. And after seeing him in person I am ever so slightly more impressed with his acting skillz because he is really nothing at all like Angel. In fact, I'd say he's a lot more like Angelus, i.e., playful, attention-seeking, humorous, hyper, and kind of obnoxious. At one point he went off on some bizarre riff on all the things that he and his "Bones" character have in common, which includes a fondness for trucks, Slim Jims, power tools, leather recliners, and ice water. There was also something about wanting to put his tongue into the blades of a fan. I don't know, don't ask me. Mr. Sus thought he was drunk, but I have a suspicion this might be "normal" for him. But he was amusing, and did a decent job with the fangirls and their relentless questions about his last TV gig. There was only one moment when he actually seemed annoyed:

QUESTION: Is there a chance that any of the cast of Angel will make a guest appearance on "Bones"? Specifically James Marsters?
DB: *grits teeth* No. *forces a smile* Absolutely not.

The "Bones" pilot itself was decent. A bit uneven, but then pilots often are. It's more character-driven than most procedurals which makes for a nice change from all the CSIs and L&Os on the airwaves. The cast was appealing, the supporting characters were interesting, the leads had some nice chemistry, and most of the funny bits were actually funny. There were some pacing problems, but overall I'd call it a positive viewing experience. I'll definitely be tuning in this fall.

For anyone familiar with Kathy Reichs' books and wondering how closely the series is going to hew to them, Emily Deschanel indicated that her character was sort of a combination of Temperance Brennan and Kathy Reichs herself. I'm guessing they also just made a bunch of stuff up, but Reichs is a consultant on the show and actively involved in the production. Couldn't say how faithful it is, though, as I've never read any of the books.

To be continued...

(Up next: That's Seth Green standing behind me, isn't it?)
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