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Comic-con Report: Friday (Part 3)

After we'd all gotten an eyeful of David Boreanaz, and picked up our "Bones" swag on the way out the door (a pen shaped like a bone and a bookmark with DB's lovely visage!) we went our separate ways. M was already over in the Adult Swim panel, desperately texting us because "Bones" had run over. B and D headed over to check into their hotel. Mr. Sus decided to wander around some more and I headed over to Room 6 to check out my chances of getting into Adult Swim late.

Turns out, I managed to slip in after only a brief wait and wedged myself into a seat towards the back. I know most of ya'll don't watch the Adult Swim lineup on Cartoon Network, but you should (if you're over the age of 17, that is). It's totally disturbing and wrong, but wicked funny.

On the panel were Keith Crofford, VP of Adult Swim production, Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, creators of the awesome "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of the awful "Tom Goes to the Mayor," and Seth Green (yes, that Seth Green) and Matt Senreich, creators of the terrific "Robot Chicken."

Unfortunately, had it not been for the fact that Seth Green is totally freaking hilarious, the panel would have been a complete bust. Keith Crofford seemed bored and disdainful and unaffected by the audience's enthusiasm. The "Aqua Teen" guys were sullen and barely talked at all (we later speculated that they're not used to being sober). And no one asked any questions of the "Tom Goes to the Mayor" guys because apparently a lot of people hate their show (and, dude, if the Adult Swim audience thinks your show is bad, it's BAD).

The best news gleaned from the panel is that season two of "The Venture Bros." is in production, to air next summer. And the season one DVDs will also likely be out then as well.

At one point, Keith Crofford was talking about "Sealab 2021" and held up a copy of the season three DVD that recently came out. Seth Green reached over and snatched it out of his hand and stuffed it down the front his shirt, to which Keith said, "I guess that's Seth's copy." I mention this only because it will be relevant later. Trust me.

Anyway, after the panel we got the best swag of the entire con: Mooninites knee socks! (If you're wondering what Mooninites are, they're the dudes up there in my icon. Watch "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"! Unless you're easily offended or grossed out, in which case, don't.)

Afterwards, I met up with M and Mr. Sus (who'd ended up slipping into the panel, too) and we headed outside to call the munchkin before she went to bed. Unfortunately, the exhibition hall had just closed for the night and all of the panels had let out, so everyone else who'd attended Comic-con that day headed outside with us.

And then, while we were standing in front of the convention center talking to the munchkin on the phone, Seth Green came outside with a few other people and stood right next to us to wait for his ride. He was sort of surrounded by people and on the verge of being mobbed so we didn't talk to him or anything, but I got to tell the munchkin that I was standing next to Oz the werewolf, which made her very, very happy. And I think Seth might have overhead me because he looked over and smiled when I said that.

Anyway, Seth's ride finally came and he left. At this point I was on the phone with my mother-in-law, who was trying to tell me about the munchkin's day. And then I noticed that Mr. Sus and M had struck up a conversation with Matt Senreich, co-creator of "Robot Chicken."

Apparently he'd lost his friends in the crowd and his girlfriend had his cell phone, so M loaned him hers. To thank her, he offered her this "Sealab" DVD he was holding and I'm almost positive that it's the one Seth Green had stuffed down his shirt. Only M was sitting so far back at the panel that she'd missed that part and TURNED IT DOWN! I, meanwhile, am powerless to intervene because I'm still on the phone with the MIL, who has chosen this moment to ask me how to work our DVD player.

Eventually Matt's friends wandered up--and they were all Adult Swim writers--and he introduced us to them as his "new friends." Meanwhile, I'm STILL ON THE PHONE because now the MIL is reciting the names of everyone who's RSVPed to the munchkin's b-day party even though I can barely hear her with all the crowd noise and I'm going to die if I don't get off the damn phone before Matt leaves.

Finally, the MIL figured out that maybe when I'm surrounded by 50,000 people isn't the best time for a long conversation and I got off the phone in time to say hi to Matt and tell him how much I like his show.

After that we went back to the hotel and crashed for a few minutes before heading over to Little Italy for a fantastic dinner with B and D.

And so concludes Day Two of Comic-con.

To be continued...

(Up next: Oh, my aching ass: twelve hours in Hall H)
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