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The day we met that guy who made Buffy

Comic-con Report: Sunday

Okay, I realize this is nearly an entire month overdue, but finally, here it is, the recap of our last day at San Diego Comic-con. Sunday was an easy day, not quite as crowded as the day before and not nearly as crammed with stuff we absolutely had to do.

The day started with a surprise at breakfast. While we were eating in the hotel restaurant, Joss Whedon wandered into the dining room looking for a table. The urge to raise my hand and wave him over to our table was almost overwhelming, but fortunately I restrained myself. And despite the fact that I had been carrying around my Astonishing X-Men book the entire con in the faint hope of an autograph opportunity, I didn't choose to bug him during his breakfast. We did, however, spend the rest of the meal whispering excitedly over the fact that Joss was staying in the same hotel as us.

After that we met up with B and D over at the Convention Center and told them about our latest Joss sighting. Then D and Mr. Sus headed out in search of cool comic books while B, M and I went back to Hall H for the Doom panel.

None of us were particularly interested in the movie, but we'll sit through almost anything for a peek at Karl Urban. Oh, and some guy named The Rock was there, too. The really weird thing, though, was that John Wells (yes, that John Wells) is, for some inexplicable reason, an exec producer of Doom and was on the panel with Karl. When fandoms collide!

We were sitting a lot further back than the day before, so my pictures are not great.


They premiered the trailer and then showed a clip from a first-person-shooter segment that replicated the video game flawlessly and was a truly impressive bit of filmmaking, but I'm not sure will necessarily make for good movie. The highlight was when this adorable, wee little girl asked Karl a question about Lord of the Rings and he did his "What business does an elf, a man, and a dwarf have in the Riddermark?" line for her. Every woman in the audience and about twenty percent of the men melted into a puddle on the floor.

After that D and Mr. Sus joined us for the Narnia panel. Director Andrew Adamson and producer Mark Johnson spoke via live satellite feed from London, demonstrating why you should never do a panel via live satellite feed. The delay resulted in bizarre cross-talk and many awkward interruptions.

Adamson had the actors who play the four kids with him and he introduced them via satellite--adorable, every one. Then they introduced the live panel, which was made up of a number of the effects staff, including Richard Taylor (two LOTR folks in one day--not bad), who received such thundering applause from the audience you would have thought he was a rock star. So cute.

Richard Taylor and some other guy. To the right of the screen is a life-size minotaur model from the film.

They showed a slideshow of concept art for the film and also a montage of footage from the movie put together especially for Comic-Con. I hadn't been overly impressed with the look of Aslan in the trailer thusfar, but I was completely wowed by the way he looked in this clip--beautiful and heartbreaking and not at all the corny CGI I'd been fearing.

At the beginning of the Q&A, Richard Taylor proclaimed that everyone who asked him a good question would receive a prop from the film. Six ushers were promptly trampled by the stampede of people running for the Q&A line. Note to self: next year come prepared with good question for Richard Taylor and get in line early!

The big news, though, was when Adamson made the announcement that Liam Neeson will be voicing Aslan. Breaking entertainment news, happening right in front of me!

Then we had the rest of the day to just wander around. We cruised past the autograph area and got a glimpse of the cast of "Threshold" (Brent Spiner, Charles S. Dutton, Carla Gugino, Peter Dinklage, and Robert Patrick Benedict) doing their signing, but declined to get in the long line. After that we went to pick up our swag from the big movie previews, which they give you tickets for so you don't have to leave Hall H during the panels. Goodies included a Chronicles of Narnia movie poster and pin, a sweet silver Superman pin and Sony gave us a choice of baseball caps, either from The Fog or from Ghost Rider (which we promptly dubbed Fog Hats and Hell Hats).

B and D hit the road for home shortly after that, leaving M and Mr. Sus and I to take one last pass through the exhibit hall before they kicked us all out for good. I had wanted to take a bunch of pictures of all the cool exhibits (like the life-size Lego Chewbacca), but unfortunately the camera battery gave out after only a few.

The DC Comics booth.

A giant Pikachu hovering over the convention floor

Eeek! It's Robert Patrick! Run!

This Weta booth was my favorite on the convention floor--when you walk through the wardrobe you get to see a display of props and costumes from the movie.

Then we went out for sushi and when we came back to the hotel afterwards, lo and behold, there was Joss Whedon! I'm telling you, the guy was stalking me. He was standing in the lobby with his luggage, having apparently just checked out, and was just visiting with people. I figured if there was ever a moment to get his autograph, this was it, and Mr. Sus kindly ran up to the room for the X-Men book, which, of course, I didn't have with me.

Joss was very nice and friendly and kindly signed my book and even posed for a picture with us after enduring all of our effusive compliments.

Well, that's about it, folks. Stay tuned for reports from next year's Comic-con, as Mr. Sus is adamant that not only are we going back, but we are bringing the munchkin with us.
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