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The Knitting Update

I finally got around to taking pictures of some of my recently finished knitting projects to post. I made the munchkin model for me because all of my hats look about a thousand times cuter on her than they do on me, what with her being so damn cute and all.

Here are the wristbands I made for myself and the munchkin:

The pattern's from Stitch 'n' Bitch. On the munchkin's I used good old fashioned Red Heart yarn, but on mine I experimented with Lion Brand Microspun, which is super soft but doesn't hold its shape as well as I'd like.

Then I made myself a roll brim hat using this pattern and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Chianti:

Unfortunately, I learned on this project that I have a bigger-than-average noggin (note to self: measure head BEFORE you cast on) so it's a bit too small for me.

So then I made a fuzzy purple one using Bernat Soft Boucle that's a little bigger and fits me much better:

I also made a ribbed knit hat and scarf set for Mr. Sus, but I haven't gotten him to pose for a picture in them yet.

But today, I embark upon my most ambitious knitting project to date...

The Cunning Hat!

Those of you who are Firefly fans know that in "The Message" Jayne gets a ridiculous hand knit hat from his mama, which he proudly wears throughout the entire episode. The first thing Mr. Sus asked me when I took up knitting was if I could make him a Cunning Hat.

So, after doing some research on the internet and studying the freeze-framed DVD, I think I'm finally ready to embark upon the Cunning Hat project. I found a pattern here, and have settled on Lamb's Pride Bulky in Sunset Gold, Autumn Harvest and Rust for the yarn. The only part I'm a bit iffy on is picking up the stitches for the ear flaps. I've read several explanations of how to do this, and not a single one makes any sense to me. So I may have to hook up with a knitting group or beg someone at my local yarn store to help me out with that part when I get to it.

I'll keep ya'll updated on my progress, because I just know you're all dying to hear about it.
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