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What if something happens and I need to talk about Kevin Federline?

Last night's BSG was all about the love. So much hugging! It makes me happy. The episode was so good it inspired me to finally go out and find some BSG icons. Because you have to have the icons. And later today, I'm going to take a walk and listen to the podcast commentary on my pretty new pink iPod mini (which I've named Daisy, for those keeping track). Podcasts rule. And they make the heinous chore of exercising so much more bearable.

I may also go to the good yarn store in the Heights today, just to browse and touch some yarn (yarn shopping is all about the touching). They're moving to a new location and are going to be closed for a couple of weeks starting Monday, so I figure I better go before then just in case I feel an urgent need to buy some yarn.

And can I also say that I'm missing the hell out of "Best Week Ever"? That show needs to come the hell back from their break. It's like I don't know how to react to pop culture events until they've been filtered through humorous VH1 commentary.

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