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Don't let em get away, don't think they can play

All weekend I kept thinking of things I wanted to post about in my journal, but then I could never seem to find the time/get on my computer when I was thinking of them. So here's the bullet points:

- The Bob Schneider show Friday = wonderfulgoodness. Except that poor austin360 got sicker as the night wore on and I felt bad for her. Also he didn't play "Tokyo" so I felt bad for her some more. But he played "Round and Round" (my favorite song on his last record) and "God Is My Friend" (my favorite on the new record) so I felt good for myself.

- Why am I not even a little bit surprised by this? And why hasn't anyone in the mainstream media kicked into Super Jimmy Olsen High Gear and done some actual, you know, investigating? Oh, yeah, because they suck.

- Speaking of Jimmy Olsen, the news about Christopher Reeve made me really, really sad. And then this made me totally cry.

- And then on top of that, Ken Caminiti died, which sucks. I mean, okay, he was a steroidal coke-head washed-up baseball player, but back when I was way into baseball he was a huuuuuge crush of mine (and an awesome player). I have still have his Astros jersey around here somewhere.

- But, on the bright side, 'STROS WIN!!!!!! Woot! Somewhere, Cammy is looking down and smiling.

And finally, I've been meaning to post this for the longest time, but I kept forgetting. Here's the latest snap of the Sus family, basking in the glow of victory (okay, a 2-2 tie) after the Munchkin's very first soccer game:


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