hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Well, today was supposed to be em_meredith's day in the Katrina Volunteer-a-Thon. I tried. I was all excited about it and headed straight over to Reliant Park after I dropped the munchkin off at school. Unfortunately, they weren't letting any volunteers in this morning for some reason. So I drove over to the George R. Brown Convention Center, but they're being helped out by Operation Compassion now (not to be confused with Operation Blessing, Pat Robertson's organization), and all the volunteer lots were full. I drove around a couple of times looking for somewhere to park, but the only parking available was in pay lots and of course I hadn't brought any cash with me this morning.

Ah well. Em (and the rest of you) will have to wait until next week, because tomorrow I'm taking my dad to run some errands and then I've got my hot date with austin360 this weekend. But never fear, I'll go back next week and try to work a few days for ya'll.
Tags: katrina, volunteer-a-thon

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