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Okay, now that I've done an update on all that serious Katrina stuff, I can get down to really important matters, i.e., fall television! Wheee!!!

I really, really enjoyed the "Gilmore Girls" premiere. I haven't been watching any reruns this summer and I hadn't realized how quite much I missed this show. Okay, the not kissing immediately upon becoming engaged bit was ridiculous, but otherwise I loved it. How could I not love an episode that starts off with such a sweet, emphatic affirmative from Luke?! And when they finally did kiss, oh what a kiss it was!

Rory remains a spoiled little tool who needs to get the shit kicked out of her, but I've learned to deal with that at this point, as long as they don't give her too much face time in any given episode. I'm still loving Logan like a two-dollar whore and can't wait to see what happens between them. Also, I have a disturbing fondness for Finn, for reasons that elude me. Lorelai's tough love is awesome and all her interactions with Richard and Emily continue to be amazing and wrenching. And, most importantly, Luke's new, longer hair is way sexy, and I love that we're still getting to see more of him without his baseball cap (and when I say more of him, I mean more of him nekkid).

What can I say? "House" rocks. Not only did we get LL Cool J, but we got LL Cool J and Drunk!House! Loved the Stacy stuff, LOVED the Wilson stuff, have nothing but hate for Cameron and how weak they make her. Why can't she be a woman with emotions who isn't a total freaking loser? Also, Lisa Edelstein has obviously seriously pissed off someone in wardrobe and needs send some candy and flowers ASAP so they stop dressing her like a circus clown.

Because of the stupid fall TV schedule, I actually had to pull out my VCR to record "Bones" (to see if they'd made any changes to the pilot since I saw it at Comic-con) and "Supernatural" (because, hello, Cute Dean!). Unfortunately, my VCR-programming skillz are apparently completely atrophied, because I failed to successfully record either show. Damn.

So I'll just refer ya'll to my comments about the "Bones" pilot in my Comic-con report. Must practice VCR programming between now and next Tuesday, so I don't miss next week's dose of Boreanaz.

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