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Well, "Threshold" was a disappointment. That cast is waaaaay too good for that show. I found the overall story intriguing, but the script was just weak. Apparently, in the world of this show, top secret government ops are managed by our good friend Michael Brown. And they're carried out by the Three Stooges in flack jackets. The unprofessionalism of the so-called "professionals" is even more ridiculous than on "Alias" (sorry ya'll, but that show makes me tear my hair out).

On the good side, Brent Spiner is terrific (although they actually had one character make a "Star Trek" joke in front of his character), and Peter Dinklage is simply awe-inspiring, despite the little he has to work with. The mystery of the aliens did manage to suck me in a little, so I'll probably watch at least another week or two in the hopes that the scripts improve. Plus, the scary guy was played by Scary!Ethan, so I was freaked out right out of the gate.

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