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Waiting for the gale force wind to blow, shuffle up the cards and let the liquor flow

Well it looks like my days of volunteering at Reliant Park may have come to an end: Katrina Evacuees in Houston Shelters to be Transferred in Preparation for Hurricane Rita.

I tried to go up there yesterday to volunteer, but they weren't letting anyone into any of the parking areas, possibly because of the First Lady's visit. I also tried to get in touch with a couple of people who were supposedly coordinating rides for evacuees looking for housing, but so far no luck. I'm considering signing up with Neighbors2Neighbors, but I hear they've got a waiting list for volunteers so I don't know if anything will come of that either.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to spend this week making sure that we're prepared for the potential arrival of Hurricane Rita. Houston doesn't have the river/lake levee situation that New Orleans does so things aren't nearly as dire here, but everyone's pretty paranoid after Katrina. I expect a run on batteries and masking tape to start any second now.

We're on the west side of town, outside of the evacuation zones, and our house is pretty decently elevated from the street, so I'm not panicking. But a good heavy rain will flood all the streets in our neighborhood and with the potential for power outages and wind damage it's best to be prepared.
Tags: katrina, rita, volunteer-a-thon

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