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You're nasty and that's why you got syphillis

Thanks to the lovely astridv I was able to dl the Sunday night television shows I missed. Yay!

Everyone's already done squealing over the teaser of "The West Wing" by now and I don't have that much to add. It was sweet to see those five seconds of C.J. and Danny as a couple, but I'd have been way more excited about it if it had been in any way integral to the episode.

Honestly, I was much happier about the return of Oliver Platt, because he rocks and I love him. I think I might need to become a Babish/C.J. shipper.

The Josh/Donna scene was sweet, and it totally broke my heart the way his voice cracked when he admitted he missed her. But the mere fact that Donna even needed Josh to tell her why he couldn't hire her demonstrates that instead of turning into a strong professional woman, she's just reverting to her old dependent, weak-ass self, which pisses me off. Would Mandy or Amy or C.J. ever take a professional rejection that personally? No way. They'd just shrug it off and get right back in the game.

I guess it's too much to hope that the whole thing was a set up for Josh and Donna to finally NOT be working together (or against each other) so they can maybe, just maybe, be allowed to actually, you know, DATE or something. Nah, probably not.

Oh, and was it just me, or did Brad Whitford look like he'd been rode hard and put away wet? And not in a good, naughty way, either. I know Josh was supposed to be kinda stressed out and all, but Brad looks like he's aged about five years over the summer.

My love for "Grey's Anatomy" just grows and grows. I love all the characters to pieces, but most particularly Christina with the "You realize this constitutes hugging?" and Bailey with the "I'm Dr. McDreamy--I'm tall, I'm handsome, I like to lean against things." And when George ran out into the rain after Meredith with the umbrella? *melt* Also, that's the third Joe Purdy song they've used on the show that I've loved so I'm obviously just going to have to buy some of his albums.

I gave "Supernatural" another shot and watched the second episode. Yeah, I'm done with that show. Cute Dean or not, it's just lame. Would have watch "Threshold" on Friday except it was pre-empted for the hurricane coverage and I find that I'm not at all sad about that.

I finally got around to watching the pilot of "Invasion" that I Tivoed last week. Why did no one tell me that it was directed by Tommy Schlamme? Not it helped much. It was okay, I guess, but all the hurricane stuff was ridiculous. Tommy's a Houston boy, he should know better. I'll probably keep watching for a little while at least, because it doesn't outright suck ("Threshold" and "Supernatural" I'm looking at you), and I'm at least vaguely curious about what's going on. Besides, what else is there to do after "Lost" on Wednesday nights?

Last night's "Arrested Development" was way beyond awesome, as always. We all spent the whole night last night saying Bob Loblaw over and over, because we're total dorks.

"Kitchen Confidential" was watchable, but has yet to make me laugh out loud once. No, wait, I chuckled once when Nick Brendon got socked in the face because he (or, more likely his twin brother/stunt double) does such great pratfalls. But compared to the stomach cramps I get from laughing at AD for 30 straight minutes, KC just can't stack up.

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