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I'm still reeling from the news that Kathy Griffin has filed for divorce from her husband. Nooooooo!!!!!! But Matt loves Kathy! Say it isn't so!

In other news, was it me, or was "Gilmore Girls" kinda dull last night? Pretty much nothing whatsoever happened that I cared about. Do they really expect us to be excited by an episode that features such large doses of both Paris and T.J.? It was nice to see Lane again, but what was the point of that storyline? To show off Zach's new facial hair? Ditto Rory and the DAR. So she's seemingly well-adjusted to her new circumstances. This is compelling how? The whole thing just felt like pointless filler.

"House was good, although maybe not as fantastically great as the two previous eps. But that's okay, I don't expect them to blow my mind every week. And it was nice to learn more about Cuddy (that was NOT how I pictured her house) and watch her interacting with House and Stacy. Also loved how everyone is dying to know if Cuddy and House slept together and they both know it.

Bones was all right. Looks like they're showing the eps out of order since they introduced the Chinese restaurant in this episode that they were all inexplicably hanging out in together last week. That could explain why this episode seemed to have more of the same pacing problems I noticed in the original pilot they showed at Comic-con.

I think they're trying so hard to make the banter crackle that the plot is taking a backseat. Instead of the opportunities for witty banter rising from the story, the story is built around their efforts to show off the (modest) chemistry between the two main characters. Which means they end up spending the entire episode focusing on red herrings and then when they actually solve the case they breeze over it so quickly that I'm left wondering what the hell just happened.

Whatever. Boreanaz is pretty so I'll keep watching. And after watching the dreck that is the rest of the new fall lineup, "Bones" is actually comparatively well-written.

Man, that's pathetic.

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