hannasus (hannasus) wrote,

Taken from kelbelle, suggested by ciachick711, inspired by carmen_sandiego:

My contribution to Unpopular Fandom Opinions Day!

- I can't stand Alias. I tried to watch it, really I did. Couldn't take it. And Michael Vartan bugs me.

- Amy Gardener kicks illegal amounts of ass. And Donna isn't good enough for Josh. Also, I kinda miss Mandy.

- I adore Cute Dean. I can't help myself. Concurrently, I hate Jess and always will.

- Despite my recently acquired love for it, I still think the Buffyverse is kinda lame. If it wasn't for Joss' brilliant wit and knack for creating appealing ensembles, it'd be no better than Xena. And I loved the movie.

- I love genre television and I think the Emmy voters are biased and hopelessly out of touch, but I don't think Buffy or The X-Files ever really deserved Emmy nominations. (Except for maybe "The Body," which was truly exceptional until the stupid vampire at the end.) "Gilmore Girls" and "Battlestar Galactica" are another matter altogether.

- I really, really like Bones. Even though I can plainly see that it's crap.

- The Harry Potter books, while often enjoyable, are overwhelmingly mediocre. There are so many young adult and fantasy books out there that are so much better and so much more original that it makes me sad to see how successful J.K. Rowling has become.

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