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Day One of NaNoWriMo went off without a hitch. Managed to get my 1666-word quota done with a few hours to spare before I had to pick the munchkin up from school today. I just have to do that for the next 29 days and I'll be done!

Speaking of the munchkin, Halloween last night was cold and rainy. She was adorable, though, dressed in her butterfly costume with boots and an umbrella. And a lot of kids didn't go out so the neighbors were desperately trying to give away all of their candy.

The A Scanner Darkly preview the other night, by the way, was super cool. We were the very first audience to see it and Richard Linklater was there (along with a large posse of producers and studio folk) to watch us watch his movie. And then afterwards we filled out the questionnaire with questions like "How would you rate Keanu Reeves' performance?" It was like voting in my own personal Oscars.

I'm not gonna say anything about the movie itself, though, because I promised Mr. Sus I wouldn't. He's a huge Philip K. Dick fan and is really excited about this movie (he couldn't go because he was gaming with the boys) and doesn't want to be spoiled or tainted by my impression of it. Besides, they're probably going to change it before it's released anyway (based on my invaluable feedback, no doubt).

Yay "Bones" tonight! Yay "House" tonight! Yay the return of Fox television!



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Nov. 2nd, 2005 06:09 am (UTC)
I'm not gonna say anything about the movie itself, though, because I promised Mr. Sus I wouldn't.

Our lips are sealed. And how cool is it that while a bunch of Hollywood execs were giving each other air kisses, Austin's very own Richard Linklater was all about the jeans and a t-shirt? This town and their local filmmakers rule.

So have you looked into flights to London yet?
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