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Hmmmm. This My LJ thing is interesting.

So, uh, "Bones" last night? Loved it. Loved it so much I'm embarrassed.

It's like someone said, let's make a show like "X-Files," only without all that pesky plot to get in the way. Our show's gonna be all about the sexual tension! The murder of the week will only be a thinly veiled excuse to put our characters into fic-happy settings where they can flirt and banter and occasionally show some skin or dress in casual clothes. And if you're really lucky there will be dancing! Really, really bad dancing, with dips and twirls and everything! No one actually cares about resolving the mystery, so we won't need to bother writing plots that make sense or are resolved in an interesting way. We know everyone just watches for the sexual tension anyway, so we'll give 'em lots of it! Heck, we can jam an entire season's worth of Mulder and Scully UST into the space between one commercial break without even breaking a sweat!

And Sus was happy, and there was peace throughout all of TV land.

Also, I've decided to be a Booth/Angela shipper. Because you know they'd totally be doing it if Angela didn't think it'd hurt Temperance's feelings.

Speaking of DB, remember that Angel fic I wrote way back in the summer and then never finished revising after I got my beta comments? Yeah, well, I got sick of having it hanging over my head, waiting for me to finish, so as part of my pre-NaNoWriMo work I buckled down and finished the damn thing. I'm still not happy with parts of it (particularly the ending), but c'est la vie. As part of my writer's therapy I'm forcing myself to leave it as it and put it out in the world even though I know it's not perfect. Don't think this isn't killing me.

I've divided it up into chapters and I'll be posting it here over the next couple of days as I have time.

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