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AtS FF: "Curses" [2/7]

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Chapter Two

Wes and Gunn grabbed Angel before he could hit the floor and hauled him upright.

"He's burning up," said Wes.

Gunn cast a nervous eye around them to see if anyone else had noticed Angel's predicament. But the rest of the Wolfram & Hart team continued about their gruesome business, seemingly oblivious to their boss' distress.

Wes gestured to an office off to one side of the sound stage. "Over there."

Wes and Gunn hauled Angel, sagging between them, into the office and eased him down onto the couch.

Angel's eyes fluttered open and he looked around him in surprise.

"What happened?" asked Wes.

Angel shook his head weakly. "I don't know. I just felt dizzy and then I started to black out."

"Have you experienced any other symptoms?" asked Fred.

"I've been feeling kind of tired."

"For how long?"

"The last few days, I guess. I haven't been sleeping much."

Fred abruptly ripped open Angel's shirt.

"Hey!" Angel protested.

"Just checking for bugs," she said.

"That was a new shirt."

Fred examined Angel's torso carefully. "You're clean."

"I'm fine," Angel said again.

Wes frowned. "Angel, I don't think we should underestimate--"

"I just need some sleep." Angel tried to stand, teetered and fell back onto the couch.

"The last time you felt under the weather it was because Eve was trying to kill you," Wes reminded him.

"And there is that little matter of her swearing vengeance on you," said Lorne.

"Have you been experiencing any usual dreams?" asked Fred.

"What do my dreams have to do with anything?" said Angel.

"It might give us a clue what's wrong with you."

"No," said Angel.

"We need to get him back to the lab," said Fred, "so I can run some--

"No," said Angel.


"If someone's out to get me what makes you think Wolfram & Hart's not behind it?"

"You think the senior partners did this?" asked Gunn.

"The giant monster in the basement revelation doesn't exactly make them appear more trustworthy," added Wesley.

"I think the senior partners are behind a lot of things we don't know about," said Angel. "Not to mention the fact that for all we know Eve still has allies there."

"Okay," said Gunn. "So if we don't go back to the office--where do we go?"

"All my equipment is there," said Fred.

"And all of my books," said Wes.

"If Wolfram & Hart is behind this, they'll be watching our apartments," said Gunn. "And the Hyperion, too."

"So we need somewhere safe we can hide Angel while we figure what's going on and who's responsible," said Wes. "Somewhere Wolfram & Hart doesn't know about."

"We don't even know what's wrong with him," said Gunn. "For all we know it's just some kind of vamp flu."

"No such thing," said Spike.

Wes shook his head. "No, I'm almost certain it's magical. It'd have to be, to weaken Angel to this extent."

"Could we not talk about me like I'm not here?" said Angel.

"Sorry," said Wes.

"There has to be somewhere we could go for help," said Fred. "A friend maybe?"

There was a silence.

Spike snorted. "Do you people even have friends?"

"Errr," said Wes.

"Uh," said Gunn.

"Hmmmm," said Fred.

Lorne raised his hand meekly. "I might know someone," he said. "But she's not gonna like it."

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