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'Arrested,' 'Kitchen' cut back
Fox pulls both shows from sked

From Variety:

It's not looking good for "Arrested Development" or frosh laffer "Kitchen Confidential."

Fox has cut back its episode order on the critically-admired "Arrested" to just 13 segs, down from 22. Producers of "Kitchen," meanwhile, have been told the show won't be getting a full-season pickup.

More worrisome: Fox is pulling both shows from the schedule, effective immediately. "Arrested" returned from a month-long hiatus this week, while "Kitchen" was slated to return Monday.

Instead of the two laffers, Fox will air repeats of drama "Prison Break" in the 8-9 p.m. Monday slot for the rest of the November sweeps. It's presumed "Arrested" and "Kitchen" will return to finish out the remainder of their runs in December. Come January, net has long planned to move "House" into the Monday slot.

Fox wasn't commenting Thursday morning, and for now, nobody's using the word "cancellation." But in the case of "Arrested," the handwriting appears to be on the wall.

While numbers for "Arrested" were underwhelming this week, it's worth noting that a number of returning laffers -- including Fox's "Stacked" -- aren't doing much better.

Okay, well THAT just ruined my whole day. Not that we didn't know it was coming, but still. Damn. No really. Damn.

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