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Actually got to go to the Renaissance Festival today. Yay me! It was tons of fun. Got a henna tattoo (around my bicep, like Faith), ate sausage on a stick (dirty!), drank cider (mmmmmcider) and wore a flower wreath on my head all day with bells and ribbons (so girly!). Oh, and I tried out a longbow at the archery booth and rocked it like Legolas. Well, not quite, but I did hit the target a respectable number of times. Guess all that research I did on archery back when I was writing my other novel (the one that remains unfinished) paid off. Also, the munchkin got her hair braided with flowers and Mr. Sus bought himself a kilt and an awesome pirate shirt to wear with it. It's way hot on him. No, seriously. Hot.

And now I'm back home trying to do my NaNoWriMo work for the day and it's killing me because I'm tired and my brain isn't working. And I've hit sort of a wall in my story and I need to do some major brainstorming to pad some of the plot and I can't because of the tired and the brain not working. Also the cat vomited right near where I'm working which is so not cool.

So instead of writing I'm updating my LJ and waiting for the pizza we ordered to come. Maybe I'll just blow off today and spend the rest of the night watching TV and painting my toenails.
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