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Wrap yourself in a towel and trip over a hedge on your way out!

Bones was back to its old, craptacular self last night. I just about died laughing every time Boreanaz tried to pose and strut and look cool while listening to rap music. And we can now add hip-hop to the long list of cultures that have been laughably portrayed on the show. Gosh, who will they stereotype and offend next week? And Emily Deschanel, though I love her, is not the World's Most Subtle Actress. Most of the time she's outshined by Boreanaz, whose acting chops I'm actually starting to appreciate more and more.

On the plus side, we got not only the shirt change, with the buttons unbuttoned, but also the polo shirt. Booth definitely needs to wear more short-sleeved shirts, because it's not often you can properly appreciate the truly enormous girth of Boreanaz's arms. (I'm just sayin'.) And the scene at the end with the umbrella was sweet. I'm really starting to like Booth's character, the way they're making him this all-American, bible-reading, milk-drinking, sorta square good guy. It sounds cliched, but it's not really a type you get on TV much because everyone's always trying to be "edgy".

As for Gilmore Girls, I LOVED it. I think it was maybe the best episode of the season so far. Just when I start to think I don't mind Daniel Palladino's episodes too much, ASP comes along and shows us all how it's REALLY done. Okay, the resolution of the Rory stuff was awkward and hurried, but I'm just glad to put all that business behind us.

The Lorelai/Sookie stuff was fabulous, the Lorelai/Luke stuff was fabulous (the fight AND the making up afterwards), the Sookie/Jackson stuff was fabulous, and the Lorelai/Emily stuff was amazing. I even liked the little girl. I'm not necessarily excited about where they're going with that, but I thought her scenes with Luke were excellent, so I'm willing to go along for the ride. And I had more laugh-out-loud moments in last night's episode than I think I've had all season long. Plus lots of awesomely random pop-culture references sprinkled throughout the way only ASP can do, enough of which flew right by me that it makes me want to rewatch the episode. Like the Valerie Cherish bit:

"It's a great show, you should watch it."
"I will."
"It's cancelled."
"Oh, sorry."
"Well, it's your fault, so..."

And now I'm off to the coffee house to try to get some distraction-free writing done. And also a café noche and a three-cheese panini, because of the yum.

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