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I've been a very bad girl, NaNo-wise. Mikijean came to town for a few days and I totally blew off all of my writing while she was here. But seriously? I can write all year round, but how often to I get to spend time with my friends who live out of town? Not often. So I refuse to feel guilty about it. And then, of course, there was Thanksgiving and all the grocery shopping and house-cleaning and cooking involved therein, so I am waaaaaay behind. Oh well, bugger it. Who was the genius who decided we should all try to do this in November, anyway?

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The visit with Mikijean was awesome. I bought the new Buffy Chosen set so we watched a bunch of episodes of Buffy, plus some Firefly DVD extras, some Arrested Development (*cry*), and the first six episodes of Veronica Mars which I'd Netflixed. Plus I made her watch two episodes of Bones so she could witness the phenomenon. And I taught her knitting and she taught me quilting, so we crafted while we watched. And then austin360 came down on Sunday and we all went to Harry Potter. The movie was eh. But Cedric is teh pretty, and we all cried like babies at the end.

Thanksgiving was also nice. We had a few relatives and a few friends over. I took a break from the whole brining ordeal this year and bought a smoked turkey, which was nice. I cooked my ass off all morning and then spent the rest of the day eating and drinking. I love Thanksgiving.
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