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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23,579 / 50,000

Am so horribly behind on NaNo, I've developed a serious WTF attitude. Which means I've given in to the dark side of the force and am now bouncing back and forth between my novel (which I hate like I've never hated before) and several WIP-fics. Hey, at least I'm writing. On the bright side, it seems to be working to keep my juices flowing, even if I'm basically writing twice as much for half the result. Whatever.

It does mean, however, that I've currently got not one but two AtS fics that are nearly ready for beta-ing, and a good start on a Bones fic that I'm hoping to get inspired to finish after tomorrow night's eppy. Whee! One more day until Bones!

Speaking of television, Frodo betrayed me last night. Well, actually it was my traitorous cable converter, which occasionally ignores Frodo's instructions, freaks out, and switches to a completely random channel. So I TiVo'd (TiVoed?) an hour of some Spanish crime drama instead of Grey's Anatomy last night, forcing me once again to embrace the criminal element and dl the episode. Which I will be watching as soon as I'm done with this update.

In exciting fandom news, however, I found an AtS/House crossover fic by flurblewig recc'd on the Better Buffy Fics list (thank you, astridv!) that is HI-larious. No, really, it is. I laughed until I cried. Ask Mr. Sus. I turned so red he assumed I was reading porn. Go forth and read it.

ETA: Okay, that fic URL is totally on crack, but only some of the time, which is weird. Whatever. Chapter one is here.


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