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Started my bubblefic this morning. It's going okay so far, except that I haven't exactly figured out how they're going to get to the bubble part of the fic. Hmmmm. But I figure that'll come to me later, once I've let it steep for a while. Either that or I'll have to chuck it and start over.

I'm enjoying Desperate Housewives more and more every week. I'm still not 100% hooked, but it's fun. I think it still relies a little too much on predictable television cliches, and I'd like to see less traditional soapy stuff (seriously, I am sick to death of watching Gabriella boff her gardener--they're doing it. We. Get. It.) and more dark, quirky stuff. But it still manages to pull off a good laugh even with the predictable plots (Teri Hatcher: "Locked myself out. Naked. And then I fell."). I just about died when Brie blurted out, "Rex cries after he ejaculates." Also, I love Felicity Huffman and it cracks me up that Matt the Token Gay Guy from Melrose is playing her husband.

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