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Dear Seventeen, how can I tell if the really cute boy in my class murdered his sister?

I'm so excited, ya'll! Finally, after almost two years of being at loose ends, I've gone and found myself a new fandom! Ever since the last LOTR movie came out I've been sort of between fandoms, wandering around, trying out different things, searching for something new to obsess about. I got into Buffy/Angel last year, but it's hard to really dive into a fandom that's essentially over before you even join. And while there are a lot of shows on right now that I really enjoy, none of them have ever quite flipped my crazy fangirl switch. Until now.

Yesterday I finished up the last of the Veronica Mars season one DVDs from Netflix and it's official: I'm in lurve. Really, really in lurve. I adore everything about this show unreservedly. And I've even got a ship! It's been years since there was a ship on TV that I really cared about. Yep, I'm a Logan/Veronica girl now.

I've been catching up on season two as fast as I can, and this morning I officially bumped my VM season pass to the top slot. So long, Lost! It's been nice knowing ya! Well, okay, I'll probably set the VCR to catch Lost for me, but it's definitely been downgraded to second string.
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