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Best. Bones. Evah! I may have cried once twice.

Stoned Booth? In a wifebeater? Doing pull-ups? AND a Firefly shoutout? Awesome. And why did no one tell me that Hodgins was a total babe??? Hello, six-pack.

Brennan's "I don't know what that is" shtick is beyond old at this point. We're expected to believe she's never heard of the GRINCH? Did her parents raise her in a bio-dome for 15 years with no books or television before they disappeared? What. Ever.

And what the hell was with Billy Gibbons playing Angela's dad? Random much? That whole thing was made even weirder by the fact that Billy Gibbons once walked into a TCBY I was at in San Antonio and right when I was about to say, "Look, it's one of the dudes from ZZ Top," the friend I was there with said, "Uncle Billy!" and jumped up and gave him a hug. So tonight was like some kind of weird deja vu.
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