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Got my haircut yesterday so I'm feeling very pretty today. I love the feeling of a fresh new haircut! I've been letting it grow out for several months so it was way overdue. I cheated on my regular stylist, though. He's a nice guy, but I'm never quite happy with the results. And I'm such a wuss that I've been going back to him for three years, even though I've never been happy with his cuts. It's just so hard finding a new stylist.

But yesterday I worked up the nerve and went to another salon. The guy who cut my hair looked exactly like Colin Farrell. I mean, exactly. Except that he was Mexican and his name was Santana and he was very soft-spoken and nice, which I imagine that Colin Farrell is not.

Tonight the munchkin's got a slumber party and Mr. Sus and I are going out to celebrate a friend's birthday. If we wanted, we could stay out all night partying! Except that I have a feeling we'll be home and in bed by midnight, because we're old and lame that way.

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